Utilities Weatherproofing

We know how important it is financially to protect your plant and buildings and to make sure that they perform to meet your needs.

Our innovative solutions make it possible for the utility industry to treat complex shapes such as concrete digester roofs and walls against heat loss meaning the digestion process can be performed without the delays caused by cold temperatures.

Our solutions can also be used to chemically protect concrete and metalwork from the corrosive environment inside the digester tanks

Utilities Weatherproofing Utilities Weatherproofing

Our range includes products which are able to provide seamless weatherproofing, insulation and tanking on a wide range of substrates whilst providing resistance to chemicals and abrasion, the perfect solution for chemical processing facilities. The solutions can be applied at all times of the year meaning projects can proceed without delay.

Our solutions are proven to work in the most difficult of environments protecting your structures against weather and other environmental factors.

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