Utilities Weatherproofing – Manchester

The Client:

United Utilities.

The Problem:

Insulation required to 8 sludge digester tank tops, approximately 500m2 each, over a 3‐year period with each tank being made available at fairly short notice and at different times of the year, which resulted in some of the tanks being insulated in the winter months. This created the problem of the surface temperature frequently being below 5°C. Conventional spray foam insulation cannot be applied at these low temperatures.

The Solution:

After discussions with the Client and trials with the Specialist Applicator, Isothane designed a bespoke sprayed insulation system Thermadek WG that could be applied at temperatures below 5 Celsius.

The Outcome:

Isothane technical staff completed the product development of Thermadek WG in 3 days so that the project programme could be adhered to without delays. The complex roof shape was seamlessly insulated, ensuring the sludge digesters worked with maximum efficiency.


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