Structural External and Internal Waterproofing

Our solutions offer seamless structural waterproofing and protection from foundation to rooftop both internally and externally.  Providing excellent ultra violet and weathering resistance, our products are formulated so that they do not embrittle with age, crack or craze.

Our solutions can be supplied in a solar reflective grade and all are applied as liquids meaning they can treat complex areas without wasting material that is cut to fit. Each solution is designed to bond to many types of substrate including felt, asphalt, slate, asbestos, brick, wood and metals.

Some of the issues that our range can provide solutions for include:

  • Structural external waterproofing

Our solutions are high specification and durable and applied as an elastomeric membrane ensuring that complex shapes and contours are fully waterproofed. The solution can be applied to roofs, walkways, balconies and promenades above basement car parks.

Balcony Waterproofing


  • Weatherproofing of outdoor tanks

Outdoor chemical bulk storage tanks can be coated to prevent corrosion, which could result in costly leaks and replacements. The product can be spray applied directly to grit blasted carbon steel.  Quick and easy to apply, the corrosion protection can also be combined with our low density closed cell foam insulation to reduce heating costs.

Tank Weatherproofing


  • Car Park Waterproofing

Older car park areas can suffer from decay, due to the harsh environment and heavy traffic they are exposed to. This results in the steel reinforcements being corroded and costly bills. We can provide a reliable waterproofing solution to solve these problems.

Car Park Waterproofing


  • Internal waterproofing of wet areas and basements

Internal waterproofing requires dependable solutions that can be applied under tiled areas. Our products can be used to provide a seamless waterproof membrane in bathrooms, wet rooms and basements.


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