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We at Isothane know how much a leaky roof can disrupt your business causing damage to equipment and in extreme circumstances mean closure whilst the roof is replaced.

Our Range of solutions hold the answer to a series of a different issues you may be having with your leaking pitched roof.

Firstly if your roof is leaking but is still structurally secure we offer a range of waterproof coatings which will seal off the original roof not allowing water ingerss and securing the roof from further damage.

Secondly if your roof is leaking due to failing asbestos/cement board, we offer a range of re-enforcement and encapsulation packages which will not only stabilise the porous weakened roof but waterproof and (optionally) provide an insulation benefit as well.


Depending on the condition of the roof you may think your only option is to replace the roof altogether, However our range of coatings offer a range of solutions to repair, strengthen and preserve the original roof no matter the condition.

Our Solutions provide a seamless water tight coating on top of the original roof sealing it and stopping water ingress through the roof.

We offer a range of Spray applied or roller/brush applied solutions depending on the requirements to increase the lifespan of your roof.

All work is undertaken by our nationwide network of approved installers, all of whom have been trained by ourselves how to apply the solutions.

Why You Should Use Our Solutions:

  • Seamless and will not degrade due to UV light.
  • Works carried out externally with minimal disruption.
  • Significantly less expensive than replacing the existing roof.
  • Capable of resisting heavy abrasion.
  • Spray applied system is rapid-curing so your roof is protected within minutes of application.

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