Pitched Roof Stabilisation and Waterproofing – West Midlands

The Client:

National Express

The Problem:

An asbestos cement roof above the client’s largest bus depot in the area had started to leak and on closer inspection it was discovered that the roof would need work structurally as well as being made watertight. The client needed a minimal disruption, cost effective alternative to replacing the whole roof as this could lead to site being closed for a period of time.


The Solution:

The roof was stabilised and waterproofed using a two part solution. Firstly the roof was sprayed with one of our polyurethane foam products Duratherm® which secures the roof in place solving the stabilisation problem. The foam was then coated with Armourflex, a polyurea spray coating which waterproofed the roof to ensure no more water ingress. Because this was an external application and access to the roof was gained from the side of site, the client was able to keep the depot up and running as normal with minimal disruption.


The Outcome:

The Client now has a watertight and secured roof which will last the lifetime of the building for less than it would have cost to replace the original roof. The roof now has been strengthened and has an aesthetically pleasing finish.


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