Commercial and Industrial Buildings

The products within the Isothane elastomeric coatings range provide seamless structural waterproofing to commercial and industrial buildings from their foundations to their rooftops. Using Isothane’s product can help you:

  • Waterproof and extend the life of roofs and concrete walls
  • Offer hail, bird and traffic protection over polyurethane foam.
  • Protect internal insulation.

Our products outstanding weathering properties can extend the lifetime of many different types of buildings. They offer heavy duty resistance to ponded water and ultra-violet light and possesses excellent strength and elasticity.

Our polyurethane foam can be used to insulate buildings, improving their thermal performance whilst offering protection and extending the life time of the structure.  Insulation can be applied both inside and outside of buildings and when used in conjunction with our coatings can offer hail, bird and traffic protection to the structure. If applied externally the work can be undertaken non-intrusively meaning the building can continue to function as normal.


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