Bund Lining

Bunds provide containment against seepages and leaks of oils, solvents, acids and other potentially hazardous chemicals stored in tanks.

Bund walls and floors are normally made from concrete, brick or other types of masonry which over time can become porous due to erosion, or experience other forms of damage such as cracking due to settlement. These effects render the bund unsafe, requiring regular remedial works and sometimes reconstruction. Leaks of potentially corrosive chemicals can also accelerate these effects.

Bund Lining Solution Bund Lining Before

If your bund fails to contain a leak, this can lead to both expensive damage to your site and potentially a breach of Environment Agency guidelines resulting in a fine.

Instead of reconstruction of older bund areas it is possible to refurbish existing structures and completely seal them from leaks with a seamless, chemically resistant polyurea waterproofing membrane from Isothane.

This solution will provide renewed effective secondary containment for your bunded storage tanks

The coating is applied by trained and approved installation companies and the cost of this work is an investment for the future of your site.

The benefits of choosing our solution are that:

  • It is elastic and seamless and will not degrade due to UV light.
  • It is fast curing meaning other project work is not held up and you can get back on with business.
  • It is capable of resisting heavy abrasion.
  • It can be built up to any thickness in one application.
  • It can be applied in temperatures as low as -30°
  • It is easy to clean.

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